Legal Note

Legal Note

The RICS Condition Report Service does not include an opinion on either the Market Value of the property or the reinstatement cost.

The Report

The surveyor produces a report of the inspection for you to use, but cannot accept any liability if it is used by anyone else. If you decide not to act on the information in the report, you do this at your own risk. The report provides you with an objective assessment on the general condition of the main elements of a property. This is expressed in terms of condition ratings.

We carry out only a visual inspection. This means that we do not take up carpets, floor coverings or floorboards, move furniture or remove the contents of cupboards. Also, we do not remove secured panels or undo electrical fittings.

We inspect roofs, chimneys and other surfaces on the outside of the building from ground level and, if necessary, from neighbouring public property.

We inspect the roof structure from inside the roof space if there is safe access (although we do not move or lift insulation material, stored goods or other contents). We examine floor surfaces and under-floor spaces so far as there is safe access to these (although we do not move or lift furniture, floor coverings or other contents). We are not able to assess the condition of the inside of any chimney, boiler or other flues.

We note in our report if we are not able to check any parts of the property that the inspection would normally cover.