General Contracting Conditions

General Contracting Conditions
  1. Contracting Parties.

– ST CONSULTORES INMOBILIARIOS SL, registered in the Commercial Register of Madrid, on page M-177570, being its VAT number B-81/512550. It´s registered office is located at C/ Príncipe de Vergara nº 43, C.P 28001 Madrid (Spain).

– Natural person or legal representation interested in the services provided by ST CONSULTORES INMOBILIARIOS SL, who contracts those services through the web site in exchange of an economical return, according to what has been prepared in this document (from now on, the Client).


  1. General conditions of contracting the services offered.

The Client may consult the conditions of provision of services offered by ST CONSULTORES INMOBILIARIOS SL (from now on, ST CONSULTORES), and must accept them to continue with the contracting procedure.

The fact that the client accepts these conditions does not imply that a contract will be automatically formalized. The contract will be understood as formalized, once ST CONSULTORES has checked the payment done by the Client (price rates are listed on part 5 of this same document).

The electronic document in which the agreement is formalized will be securely filed on ST CONSULTORES data base, being this the original contract. In case of disagreement between the Client´s copy and the copy filed in the ST CONSULTORES data base server, the last one will have priority.

ST CONSULTORES will send an e-mail to the Client containing an official and formalized contract. This email will have a receipt of the price and acceptance of the order by ST CONSULTORES.

In case of not verifying the payment of the services, ST CONSULTORES will understand that the Client has given up the order.

ST CONSULTORES reserves its right to modify the General Contracting Conditions set on this website for future contracts. Any modification will be published in the website


  1. Services provided

ST CONSULTORES offers the user of the website the possibility to request reports called “Condition Report”, “HomeBuyer Report” and “Structural Report”, the three of them for Client´s exclusive use. All these services are to be used regarding properties located in Spanish territory.

In the following documents, ST CONSULTORES defines the scope and reach of its services and the limits of the working conditions, which form an essential part of the contract.

ST CONSULTORES is committed to provide the contracted services without unjustified delay and using professional procedures. For this, ST CONSULTORES will put all the complementary means needed for a correct performance of the services.


  1. General features of service provision.

4.1- Register of order.

To carry out the order, the client should fill in an electronic form situated on the web site This form should be filled in with contact and invoicing information, including the type of report the Client would like to order.

Once the Client has filled in the form, he/she must accept the general conditions of the contract. Private Policy and General Conditions are explained in this website.

After that, the application will show the Client a summary of the services requested and the cost of it, in which the following data will appear: name, email address, passport number, invoice address, and the cost (including VAT).

All this data will be processed with the security measures required by the data protection rules, especially the ones established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, and with all due respect for the following rights: access, rectification, erasure, right to object, right to data portability, restriction of processing, and right to object and automated individual decision-making, as well as the right to the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

At this stage of the process, the Client has the possibility to cancel his application or continue with the process. In case of cancellation, all Client´s personal data will be erased following the GDPR rules.

If the Client decided to continue, he/she must proceed to the payment of the amount mentioned.


4.2- Carry out your service payment.

The payment of these services should be made previously to providing them.

This payment can be made with credit or debit card, as well as with any other means of payment set up on this website, which currently works with:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card payment.

In either one of these cases, the system will forward you automatically to a POS.


4.3- Sending a formalization of the contract to a client.

Once the Client has made the payment, ST CONSULTORES will show them a screen with a message explaining that the payment has been successfully accomplished. After that, the electronic document where the contract has been made official will be sent via e-mail to the address previously indicated by the Client on the electronic form. Finally, the order will be executed. This information will be filed in ST CONSULTORES with all due respect to the security measures required by data protection rules, especially by the ones established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.


4.4- Rejecting an order through ST CONSULTORES.

ST CONSULTORES can reject an order if there is a justified motive. This will be notified to the Client in a period of 24 hours from the request. In these cases, ST CONSULTORES will refund the expenses made and erase all personal data given by the Client.


4.5.- To carry out our visits.

In order to carry out the visits, a technician from the technical department of ST CONSULTORES will get in contact with the agent or person assigned for this purpose, in order to arrange the date of meeting to the real estate or property. This should be done in a period not longer than 24 hours on labour days.


4.6.- Carry out the work.

Once the visit has been made and after the Client has brought in the necessary documents, a survey regarding the service carried out by ST CONSULTORES will be made in a period no longer than 72 hours from the date of inspection. As a regulated RICS firm, ST CONSULTORES declares that the survey will follow RICS standards.


  1. Rates

Taking into consideration the services which have been described, ST CONSULTORES has established 4 different prices depending on the total surface built of the home.

  • Condition Report. House less than 125 sqm total floor area. 350 €, VAT not included. 423,50 € VAT included.
  • Condition Report. House from 126 to 300 sqm total floor area. 450 €, VAT not included. 544,50 € VAT included.
  • Condition Report. House more than 300 sqm total floor area. 600 €, VAT not included. 726 € VAT included.
  • HomeBuyer Report. House less than 125 sqm total floor area. 400 €, VAT not included. 484 € VAT included.
  • HomeBuyer Report. House from 126 to 300 sqm total floor area. 550 €, VAT not included. 665,50 € VAT included.
  • HomeBuyer Report. House more than 300 sqm total floor area. 700 €, VAT not included. 847 € VAT included.

(The Valuation and reinstatement cost: a plus over previous prices of Homebuyer Report of + 100 €, VAT not included. 121 € VAT included).

  • Structural Report. House less than 125 sqm total floor area. 650 €, VAT not included. 786,50 € VAT included.
  • Structural Report. House from 126 to 300 sqm total floor area. 800 €, VAT not included. 968 € VAT included.
  • Structural Report. House more than 300 sqm total floor area. 950 €, VAT not included. 1.149,50 € VAT included.


  1. Presenting reports

The report will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Client, from an account and in English language (or other language commonly used by ST CONSULTORES, if the client prefers). A formal invoice will be sent with the final quotation of the service. In case there was any error or omission in the report, a new one will be sent, modifying the previous report.


  1. Use of the report-Privacy

Any document, report or analysis emitted by ST CONSULTORES made as a consequence of the contractual relationship will have a privacy policy and will be emitted only for the use of clients.

All the documents and data which ST CONSULTORES may have access to as a result of the offer made, will be considered confidential, so that no information will be revealed to anybody apart from this relationship. These terms will be maintained by will of law.


  1. Customer Service

As a regulated RICS firm, ST CONSULTORES has in place a Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP), and a Complaints Log, both of them meeting all the regulatory requirements.

ST CONSULTORES´ CHP implies two stages:

Stage One. It gives our firm the opportunity to review and consider the Client´s complaint in full. ST CONSULTORES will try to resolve the complaint to the Client´s satisfaction. If the Client has previously spoken to ST CONSULTORES about the complaint, he/she should make a writing with the details of the complaint, in order to help ST CONSULTORES achieve a full understanding of the Client's reasons.

Any written complaint should be sent to:

Ms. Casandra Salamanca. ST Consultores.

Address: Príncipe de Vergara 112, 6ª planta, 28002 Madrid (Spain)

Phone number: +34 911 835 430

Fax number: +34 911 835 431

Complaints can also be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Clients can also make a complaint through the website:

ST CONSULTORES will acknowledge receipt of the Client´s complaint within 7 days, and will answer to the Client as quickly as possible.

If ST CONSULTORES could not give the Client a full response in a short time period, ST CONSULTORES will keep him/ her updated within 28 days. In the case the Client were not satisfied with ST CONSULTORES response, he/she will have the opportunity to take the complaint to stage two.

Stage Two. It gives the Client the opportunity to have their complaint reviewed and considered by an independent provider, approved by RICS Regulatory Board,

being the following:

RICS Dispute Resolution Service (Europe)

Phone number:+44 (0) 20 7334 3806




  1. Legislation. Jurisdiction.

The obligations that will take place by contracting ST CONSULTORES´s service, will be governed and interpreted according to Spanish legislation, which will be applied directly to what is published on this page Both parties agree to solve any judicial disputes in the courts placed in the city of Madrid (Spain).

ST CONSULTORES will act in accordance with the Data Protection Rules, especially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. ST CONSULTORES will be the controller and recipient of the data information. Any personal data will be processed due to providing the services required by clients, as there are necessary to enter into the contract. The data information will be kept for the time needed to provide The Client with the recruited service, legal deadlines, as well as for future contractual relationships, and will not be communicated to third parties, except in cases stipulated by law. Clients have the possibility of exercising, at any moment, their rights of access, rectification, erasure, right to object, right to data portability, restriction of processing, and right to object and automated individual decision-making, by writing an email to as well as the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.